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Chapter 1:Introduction to the world of computers

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1 Chapter 1:Introduction to the world of computers
By: Sa’Sha Johnson

2 1 2 3 4 Matching Word processing program Operating system
Programming language Web Browser 1 2 3 4 ___ Allows access to resources located on the Internet. ___ Supervises the running of all other programs on the computer. ___ Helps prepare written documents, such as letters and reports. ___ Used to create application programs.

3 True/False T F 1. Software includes all the physical equipment in a computer system. T F 2. The mouse is a common input device. T F 3. A computer can run without an operating system if it has good application software. T F 4. To access Web pages located on the World Wide Web, you need to be connected to the Internet. T F 5. One of the most common types of home computers is the midrange server.

4 Key Terms Microcomputer Notebook Computer Mainframe Computer
A collection of computers and devices that are connected together to share hardware, software, and data, as well as to communicate electronically with one another. A computer system based on a microprocessor, designed to be used by one person at a time; also called a personal computer or PC. A computer used in large organizations that need to manage large amounts of centralized data and run multiple programs simultaneously. A fully functioning portable PC that opens to reveal a screen and keyboard. A medium-sized computer used to host programs and data for a small network. Key Terms Microcomputer Notebook Computer Mainframe Computer Computer Network Midrange Server

5 Key Terms Continued: Tablet PC Computer Mobile Device Network Computer
A PC designed to access a network for processing and data storage, instead of performing those tasks locally. A portable PC about the size of a notebook that is designed to be used with an electronic pen. A programmable, electronic device that accepts data input, performs operations on that data, and present and stores the results. A small personal computer, such as notebook, tablet, or handheld PC, designed to be carried around easily. A very small device, usually based on a wireless phone or pager, that has some type of computing or Internet capability built in. Key Terms Continued: Tablet PC Computer Mobile Device Network Computer Portable PC

6 Key Terms Continued: Processing Output System Software
Performing operations on data that has been input into a computer to convert that input to output. The process of presenting the results of processing; can also refer to the results themselves. Programs that enable users to perform specific tasks on a computer, such as writing a letter or playing a game. Programs, such as the operating system, that control the operation of a computer and its devices, as well as enable application software to run on the PC. The operation of saving data, programs, or output for future use. Processing Output System Software Application Software Storage

7 Key Terms Continued: Supercomputer Hardware Software Internet Input
The fastest, most expensive, and most powerful type of computer. The instructions, also called computer programs, that are used to tell a computer what it should do. The largest and most well-known computer network, linking millions of computers all over the world. The physical parts of a computer system, such as the keyboard, monitor, printer, and so forth. The process of entering data into a computer; can also refer to the data itself. Input Supercomputer Hardware Software Internet

8 CPU_____ Mouse_____ Monitor_____ CD Drive_____ Keyboard_____ Input Device(I), Output Device(O), Storage Device(S), Processing Device(P), Communications Device(C) P I S C O Hard Drive_____ Modem_____ Speakers_____ DVD Drive_____ Microphone____

9 ________ is the operation in which data is entered into the computer.
Devices such as a floppy disk drive or DVD drive would be classified as _________ devices. With desktop PCs that have a(n) ________ case, the system unit is typically located on the floor. Another name for microcomputer is __________________. A device designed only for viewing Web pages and/or exchanging is called a(n) _________________. Internet Appliance Tower Input Personal Computer Storage

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