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Staff Compensation Program Update

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1 Staff Compensation Program Update
May 2003

2 Today’s Meeting Objectives
Understanding Job Classification Staff Compensation Program Objectives Proposed Staff Compensation Program Design How Will This Affect You Bucknell’s Approach to Conducting Competitive Market Reviews Next Steps Your Roles and Responsibilities Where to Get Additional Information and Questions

3 Understanding Job Classification

4 Job Classification Is…
… a systematic process for developing the job structure across the University for purposes of: Determining job roles and contributions Balancing internal and external equity Supporting career path Human resource planning Resource allocation The result helps the University to: Develop appropriate pay structures Maintain appropriate pay relationships job to job Maintain a salary administration program which is perceived as fair and equitable

5 A typical job classification process is...
Job Analysis Job Description Market Analysis (external equity) Job Classification (internal equity) Level / Band Assignment Implementation On-going Compensation Decisions Budgeting Process Policies and Procedures Performance Management

6 Staff Compensation Program Objectives

7 Staff Compensation Program Objectives
The primary program objectives are to develop a compensation program that: Is simple to use, easy to understand, and viewed as credible by both managers and staff members; Effectively combines the external market value of jobs with the internal contribution of staff members; Recognizes the competencies and applied knowledge needed to be successful in a job; Provides a foundation and roadmap for career development, promotions and continued learning; and Is a uniform and consistently-applied process across departments.

8 What we hope to achieve with the new Staff Compensation Program
Develop a program that defines and emphasizes Bucknell jobs more by overall responsibilities, applied knowledge, skills and competencies Capture current staff members roles and responsibilities through data collection process in 2003 Incorporate both administrative and support staff in the same program Develop Bucknell’s core competencies that apply for all staff members

9 What are Competencies? Competencies are demonstrated behaviors that are necessary to perform a role successfully Competencies are important because they identify how someone needs to work to be successful in that role Competencies represent more personal characteristics, which are displayed by successful performers in a role in a given situation, and which is demonstrated through specific, observable behaviors

10 A Broader Definition of Success
WHAT (results) HOW (behaviors) WHAT we do HOW we do it + Our current performance appraisal form evaluates an individual against results only--the “what” the individual or the department/unit, and so on, does. While results are extremely important they are only one side of the equation. The other is Competencies--the “how” the individual does things. The new performance management process and form will incorporate Competencies. Let’s take a quick look at how the new process will work. Job Content (results) Competencies (behaviors)

11 Staff Compensation Program
Bucknell’s Proposed Program Bucknell’s proposed program will consider job responsibilities and competencies in addition to market competitiveness Core Competencies Achievement Relationships Staff Compensation Program Community Focus Leadership Job Content Factors

12 Staff Compensation Program
Bucknell’s Proposed Program Bucknell’s proposed program will consider job responsibilities and competencies in addition to market competitiveness Achievement Relationships The job content factors address what work is performed at Bucknell and the knowledge and skills needed for those roles Staff Compensation Program Community Focus Leadership Job Content Factors Key Job Responsibilities Scope of Accountability & Impact Problem-Solving & Decision-Making People & Resource Management Education & Experience

13 Staff Compensation Program
Bucknell’s Proposed Program The program incorporates core competencies for all staff member roles that describe behavioral traits Community Focus Commitment to Service and Quality Stewardship Core Competencies Achievement Relationships Achievement Initiative Adaptability/Creativity Staff Compensation Program Community Focus Leadership Relationships Respect for the Individual Diversity Integrity Reliability/Dependability Job Content Factors Leadership Empowering People Teamwork

14 Core Competencies Competency Names and Definitions
Community Focus Core Competencies Competency Names and Definitions Community Focus 1. Commitment to Service and Quality: Keeps the community (i.e., students, parents, alumni, friends of Bucknell, employees, etc.) as the focal point of all activity; strives to address community needs and concerns. Commitment to continuous improvement of University practices and to assuring that completed work adheres to high standards of accuracy and excellence. 2. Stewardship: Demonstrates an understanding between one’s own job responsibilities and overall University goals and needs, and performs one’s job with the broader goals of the University in mind.

15 How this will affect you
Your job duties, responsibilities and supervisor/manager will not change as a result of this project Your pay will probably not be affected by this project No one’s pay will be reduced as a result of this study Your job will be evaluated based upon the program content as described on the previous pages Any equity adjustments identified to be made are subject to the University’s budgetary constraints An equity allocation of 0.5% ($100,000 in 04/05) has been budgeted for equity adjustments The current Performance Management Program will complement the Staff Compensation Program The Staff Compensation Program will assist managers and staff members in discussions related to current performance, salary increase decisions, training and career issues

16 Bucknell’s Approach to Competitive Market Analysis
Every year, Bucknell conducts a competitive base salary compensation review of its administrative and support staff positions Bucknell compares its staff member jobs to the appropriate ‘labor market’ in which it attracts and recruits for talent The ‘labor market’ varies based on the type of University position For example, Bucknell would consider a national job search to recruit a Vice President of Finance and Administration and a regional search for an Office Assistant Generally, Bucknell competes for administration staff with higher education institutions on its peer list Bucknell conducts a review of these positions using the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR)

17 Bucknell’s Approach to Competitive Market Analysis (cont’d)
Every year, Bucknell joins with other area employees (Geisinger, Lycoming College and Penn College) in conducting a regional salary survey In the 2002 study 54 organizations participated On annual basis, Bucknell reviews any jobs that are below market levels and considers equity adjustments, as appropriate, based on budgetary guidelines Bucknell will continue balancing its ability to pay with its desire to provide competitive salaries to staff that reflects each individual's contributions and results

18 Next Steps

19 Next Steps The next steps in this project include the following:
May through June Gaining input from staff about the initial Program Design through campus open Forums; Refining the job content and competency factors based on campus feedback and further work by the Advisory Group; Develop a job information questionnaire to collect the job content and competency data from staff members; and Work with a group to test and modify the questionnaire prior to campus distribution.

20 Next Steps (cont’d) June through August
Collect updated information on staff member jobs; Meet with individual departments, as necessary, to answer questions; Compile the job information and develop the final Program Design; and Test program design with Pilot Group. August through December Establish appropriate pay levels based on Bucknell market studies conducted; Develop salary guidelines and processes; Develop communications and training materials; Develop strategy to communicate new Program; and Program implementation.

21 Your Roles and Responsibilities

22 Your Roles and Responsibilities
Stay Involved - Ask questions, attend meetings and open forum sessions Maintain a cooperative and positive spirit - This is an exciting and positive step for Bucknell! Seek to understand the Staff Compensation Program Review the materials on the website Seek out Advisory Group members Complete the Job Information Questionnaire thoughtfully, accurately and on time More information to come on this

23 Where to Get Additional Information

24 Where to Get Additional Information
More information to come through these forum sessions, in addition to campus-wide communications and departmental staff meetings Seek out Advisory Group members with questions and comments Also, please go to our website dedicated to providing up-to-date information about the Staff Compensation Program The web address is: We hope that you will bookmark this site and visit it frequently

25 Questions?

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