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Classification and compensation Analysis Pilot Project MU Staff Job Title and Salary Study Office Administration and Support.

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1 classification and compensation Analysis Pilot Project MU Staff Job Title and Salary Study Office Administration and Support

2 What Is The Study? A review of Office Administration & Support jobs for: Internal relative relationships and salary structure

3 What is the Goal of the Study? To offer a competitive and internally equitable total compensation package To maintain a compensation system to recruit and retain high-quality talent 3

4 Job titles that perform clerical and administrative duties in support of the various functions and services of the University. 4 Executive Healthcare Advancement Research & Engineering Student Support Services Business Administration Information Technology Communications/Theatre Other Job Families Office Administration & Support Job Family

5 5 Executive Staff Assistant Office Support Staff Library Information Assistant Administrative Assistant Administrative Associate Who Is Affected? The study affects specific staff titles in Office Administration & Support jobs

6 6 Office Administration & Support Job Family 34 Divisions/Colleges 75 Titles included in the study 1500 employees

7 What Happened to These Titles? 7 Titles were evaluated Some titles changed, some stayed the same Salary ranges were developed Employees did not lose pay Job duties did not change Organizational structure did not change No positions were eliminated, no one was laid off Employee performance was not evaluated

8 8 Who: Staff in the “Office Administration & Support” Job Family 34 Divisions/Colleges 75 job titles reviewed 1500 employees What: Analysis of job descriptions, titles, and compensation MU Staff Job Title and Salary Study

9 9 Where: University of Missouri When: Data collection and assessment, 2012 MU Staff Job Title and Salary Study

10 10 How: Global Grading System job evaluation methodology The Global Grading System establishes true distinctions in --and among-- jobs within a job family. It is a job evaluation tool for determining job hierarchy. What Do We Look At When Evaluating A Job? LEVEL 2 LEVEL 1 LEVEL 3 LEVEL 4 LEVEL 5

11 11 How: Global Grading System job evaluation methodology The determination is based on 3 characteristics: What Do We Look At When Evaluating A Job? 1.Required knowledge, skills and abilities 2.Complexity of the assigned work 3.Scope and impact of the title

12 12 Career Path and Role Determination: Jobs are mapped with respect to career path, role, and level: Career PathRoleLevel (Grade)2820 Number of Options Characteristic What Do We Look At When Evaluating A Job?

13 MANAGEMENT CAREER PATH INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTOR CAREER PATH First, the career path of the work is determined: Career Path Determination 13

14 Supervisor or Manager Type and level of positions supervised Influence upon functional or organizational strategy Role Individual Contributor Functional Knowledge Independence in applying professional expertise Role Career Path and Role Determination 14


16 Functional knowledgeBusiness expertiseLeadershipProblem solvingNature of impactArea of impactInterpersonal skills The knowledge required to perform the work The expertise in the job, the related areas affecting the job, and areas which the job affects The leadership required in the job The independence with which the job operates The influence of the job on other entities within the department, division and campus The impact of the job – both the type of impact and the scope of impact on the work team, department, division and campus The interpersonal and communication skills required Specific job factors are assessed to determine the level of the job within each role: 16 Level Determination

17 Evaluation FactorFrom:To: Functional Knowledge Knowledge of own job Knowledge of multiple functions (HR, Business Services, Facilities) Expertise Within own jobDepartment / Division / Campus Leadership On the job training & support Responsible for multiple teams, diverse activities Problem Solving Defined procedures, straightforward situations Complex judgment and analytical thought Nature of Impact Small, direct, tasks; accuracy important Significant resources, policy, planning Area of Impact Primarily on own jobDepartment / Division / Campus Interpersonal Skills Tact and courtesy High level internal and external negotiations 17 Factor Ranges

18 18 GGS Methodology GRADE MANAGEMENT CAREER PATH SUPERVISOR PROFESSIONAL OFFICE ADMINISTRATION & SUPPORT MANUAL SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT MIDDLE MANAGEMENT TOP MGMT 1 st. LINE TOP MGMT INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTOR CAREER PATH Global Grading Methodology The level of the job within each role is the grade to which the job is assigned 12345678910111213141516171819 CEO 12345678910111213141516171819 CEO

19 19 1 2 3 4 Comparing MU benchmark jobs to external market Selecting MU benchmark jobs Evaluating internal Job hierarchy Determining pay ranges From Grade to Pay Improving MU’s Compensation Plan 5 Implementing and communicating new program

20 20 Two objectives in developing a pay system and structure are Internal Equity External Competitiveness From Grade to Pay

21 21 Internal Equity Job evaluation determines the internal relationships between jobs Job evaluation results in each job being assigned to a pay grade External Competitiveness Benchmark jobs were graded Titles in the study were graded Titles with no market data were assigned to grades based on job evaluation From Grade to Pay

22 “Benchmark” 22 Benchmark Jobs A representative job, easily identified and common to many organizations

23 “Salary Survey” 23 Salary Survey An organizational sample of jobs and salaries compared to the external labor market, from which compensation conclusions can be drawn.

24 Positions in the same grade are equal Ranges allow the option to pay market rates The midpoint – experienced and fully qualified employee 24 Salary Structure Maximum is the highest salary level for the titles Range spread is the Max-Min Min

25 Pay Grade Pay Range Midpoint Market Rate Market Ratio (Midpoint ÷ Market Rate) 3$22,300$21,6001.03 4$25,600$25,5001.00 5$29,400$28,6001.03 6$33,800$31,7001.07 7$38,900$39,3000.99 8$44,700$42,2001.06  Job evaluation determines the internal relationships between jobs by assigning titles to pay grades.  Pay range midpoints approximate the market for building the structure. Developing Pay Ranges 25

26 17 Pay Ranges Tiered range spreads increasing from 35% to 125% to accommodate greater breadth of responsibility Gradually increasing midpoint progression from 12% to 20% Market ratios reflecting parity between pay range midpoint and market Single structure for all campuses Two Executive broadbands 150% range spread Developing Pay Ranges 26

27 Pay Ranges (Hourly) 27

28 Pay Ranges 28 Global Grade MinimumMidpointMaximum Range Spread 1$15,288$17,800$20,40035.1% 2$16,200$19,900$23,50045.1% 3$17,800$22,300$26,70050.0% 4$20,500$25,600$30,80050.2% 5$22,600$29,400$36,20060.2% 6$26,000$33,800$41,60060.0% 7$29,900$38,900$47,80059.9% 8$33,100$44,700$56,30070.1% 9$38,100$51,400$64,80070.1% 10$43,800$59,100$74,50070.1% 11$50,400$68,000$85,70070.0% 12$58,300$81,600$104,90079.9% 13$67,500$97,900$128,30090.1% 14$78,300$117,500$156,600100.0% 15$94,000$141,000$188,000100.0% 16$104,100$169,200$234,200125.0% 17$124,900$203,000$281,000125.0% E2$139,200$243,600$348,000150.0% E1$167,000$292,300$417,500150.0%

29 Employees paid below the new minimums will receive a pay increase effective Feb. 2013 Employees paid above the new maximums could have limited opportunities for pay increases 29 Pay Adjustment

30 Range Elimination 30 Reduced Ranges by 68%

31 Titles consolidated – same grade based on job evaluation Title descriptions developed after the consolidation Titles are part of a general title hierarchy of Global Titles MU titles assigned at the Campus level Title Consolidation 31

32 Job Hierarchy 32 TitleGrade Office Support I3 Telephone Interviewer3 Cashier3 Office Support II4 Mail Process Tech4 Library Info Assistant5 Office Support III5 Editorial Assistant5 Administrative Asst.6 Library Info Specialist I6 Fiscal Specialist6 TitleGrade Administrative Associate I7 Library Info Specialist II7 Coordinator7 Grant Writer I7 Office Supervisor8 Executive Staff Assistant8 Administrative Associate II8 Coordinator II8

33 33 Collapsed Titles Current TitleCollapsed Title Office Support Staff I Office Support Assistant Office Support Staff II Receptionist Clerk Office Support Staff III Office Support Associate Senior Receptionist Senior Clerk Senior Secretary Data Entry Operator II Current TitleCollapsed Title Editorial Assistant I Editorial Assistant Editorial Assistant II Senior Data Entry Operator Administrative Assistant Office Support Staff IV Fiscal Assistant Executive Staff Assistant I Executive Staff Assistant Executive Staff Assistant II

34 Action Summary Communicating study results to employees Identifying employees below the minimum of new structure Educating managers and supervisors on study results 34 Moving current positions to new titles after consolidation Creating job descriptions Reviewing grade and/or title appeals Updating compensation policies Communicating compensation philosophy

35 35 Frequently Asked Questions

36 No one’s pay will decrease as a result of the study. However, some employees will receive a pay increase as a result of the analysis. 36 Will my pay be affected by the study?

37 Frequently Asked Questions No. The Staff Job Title and Salary Study is about the work, not the worker. Performance evaluation is about the employee’s individual performance and is not a part of the study. 37 Will my performance evaluation be affected?

38 Frequently Asked Questions A career path for advancement may be clearer as a result of the study. 38 Will this affect my ability to advance in my career?

39 Frequently Asked Questions 39 Why is HR conducting this study under current budget constraints? While titles have been reviewed on an ad hoc basis, a comprehensive job evaluation study has not been conducted on staff positions since 1972.

40 Frequently Asked Questions Where titles involve similar duties and responsibilities, it is likely that the number of titles will be consolidated, without eliminating staff. However, that does not preclude your department from using working titles. 40 Will my title change? Mizzou currently has over 1,600 distinct job titles for a population of 7,500 employees.

41 Frequently Asked Questions If the complexity of the job increased, a pay raise could result if the job is evaluated at a higher level, though a pay raise would not be guaranteed. If the complexity of the job did not increase, though more of the same duties were added, the job would not be evaluated at a higher level and a pay raise would not be considered, based on the job evaluation. 41 Additional duties have been added to my job. Will I get a raise?

42 Frequently Asked Questions Yes, within the next year, all of the job families will be evaluated. 42 Will the other titles and job families be studied?

43 Key Points to Remember Titles were evaluated Title consolidation conducted Salary ranges developed 43 Employees will not lose pay Job duties will not change Organizational structure will not change No elimination of positions or layoffs Employee performance will not be evaluated

44 44 Business & Finance: Jamie Connelly, Human Resource Specialist II Dean of Agriculture: Debbie Mitchell, Asst Administrative Manager Student Auxiliary Services: Rhonda Byers, HR Manager Enrollment Management: Kim Hull, Business Manager Extension: Melinda Adams, HR Manager Staff Advisory Council: Pamela Monroe, Administrative Asst, Biological Science Human Resource Services: Karen Touzeau, Associate Vice Chancellor Gary Fogelbach, Compensation Manager Teresa Long, Manager, Human Resource Support Services Michael Evans, Human Resource Specialist III Rachelle Duke, Executive Staff Assistant II Project Team

45 45 You are welcome to visit our project web site at any time for information and updates about the project :

46 If you have specific questions, please click the e-mail link at the bottom of our web page to reach our project team. 46


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