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Dress for Success.

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1 Dress for Success

2 Why is dressing for success important?
First impressions are lasting impressions.  The first time a person meets you they will make a judgment on your appearance.  It might not be fair, but they will. 


4 WHAT (NOT) TO WEAR Baseball caps, or any other type of hats
Jerseys or athletic shirts “Bling" type necklaces & earrings should be taken off before an interview.

5 WHAT (NOT) TO WEAR Dressing down or looking sloppy.
You shouldn't look like you just woke up, or just came from the gym. No ipod, phone, texting!!!! No earbuds!

6 WHAT (NOT) TO WEAR Clothes too baggy, but, also too casual.
Clothes you would wear to the mall are most likely not suitable for an interview.

7 WHAT (NOT) TO WEAR Don't chew gum!

8 WHAT (NOT) TO WEAR Spaghetti straps aren't acceptable for a job interview. Avoid denim, look is too casual. Her earrings - too big for a job interview! Sneakers should be avoided - they don't look tidy or neat!

9 WHAT (NOT) TO WEAR Avoid low cut tops or short skirts.
Any kind of tank top is too casual for an interview. Flip flops are also a no, as they are too casual.

10 WHAT (NOT) TO WEAR Avoid hoodies.
You should try to look engaged and ready to work, rather than uninterested.

11 WHAT (NOT) TO WEAR Applying too much makeup!

12 WHAT (NOT) TO WEAR Your perfume or cologne should not be able to be detected by your interviewer.

13 WHAT TO WEAR In a button down and tie, this young man looks professional and well dressed for any job interview.

14 WHAT TO WEAR Professional, well-fitting slacks and a nice button down shirt are perfect

15 WHAT TO WEAR A nice sweater is another option, paired with navy slacks. Hair and makeup are natural and professional. Simple, understated jewelry is a nice touch to complete her outfit. In addition, a portfolio with your a copy of your resume and references is always good to have on hand.

16 WHAT TO WEAR This young man is wearing a more casual option, but it's still suited well for an interview. A button down without a tie, and nice, well-fitting khakis are an excellent option for young men.

17 WHAT TO WEAR The skirt pictured here is an appropriate length. Remember not to wear a skirt that's too short, or too tight. Professionalism is key! This young women's suit coat adds a nice touch and pulls together her interview attire well.

18 WHAT TO WEAR Makeup should be simple and natural.
Makeup isn't distracting and is perfectly suited for a job interview.

19 10 Tips to Dress for Success
GUYS GIRLS Iron your clothes!

20 10 Tips to Dress for Success
GUYS GIRLS Hair must be clean and not overdone. Face should be cleanly shaved. Hair must be clean but not overdone.

21 10 Tips to Dress for Success
GUYS GIRLS Avoid gaudy chains, bracelets, ear rings, etc. Keep jewelry to a minimum.

22 10 Tips to Dress for Success
GUYS GIRLS Tie must compliment outfit and be appropriate. Accessories (such as shoes)  must compliment outfit.

23 10 Tips to Dress for Success
GUYS GIRLS Avoid sneakers, and boots. Invest in some dress shoes. Avoid sneakers and flip flops. Nice dress shoes are appropriate.

24 10 Tips to Dress for Success
GUYS GIRLS Fingernails should be trimmed and cleaned. Fingernails must be clean and polish (if any) should compliment outfit. NO black or overly dark polish. No chips in polish.

25 10 Tips to Dress for Success
GUYS GIRLS Colors of clothing should be kept neutral toned. Black, Gray, White, and Navy are appropriate.

26 10 Tips to Dress for Success
GUYS GIRLS Brush your teeth.

27 10 Tips to Dress for Success
GUYS GIRLS Take a shower before the interview.

28 10 Tips to Dress for Success
GUYS GIRLS Aftershaves and colognes shouldn't be overwhelming, use them sparingly. Perfumes shouldn't be overwhelming and are to be worn sparingly.

29 Make sure: Cover tattoos Cover visible piercings
Don’t wear clothing that is too tight Don’t wear short skirts, dresses, or any clothing that requires continuous adjustments when you sit down, stand up, or walk. Don’t wear un-naturally colored hair Avoid bright, flashy colors Don’t wear undergarments in a manner such that they are highly visible above your pants or skirt. Wear interview outfits and shoes before the interview -- for more than a few minutes. Anybody who is old enough to be your mother should look you over before you leave the house.

30 Icing on the Cake Maintain eye contact
If you are asked to sit down, sit with your body leaning forward. Leaning back shows a relaxed attitude while leaning to either side looks awkward or evasive. Shake hands at the beginning or end of the interview, do so firmly while maintaining eye contact. It's okay to laugh along with the interviewer but not on your own. No giggling! A smile is very much a part of your dress – always wear your smile!

31 Use your dress to your advantage by making the right first impression.
Your dress sends a message about yourself, your attitude and it's those small details that help gain an impression. Use your dress to your advantage by making the right first impression.

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