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Dress for Success Winning First Impressions for the Corporate World.

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1 Dress for Success Winning First Impressions for the Corporate World

2 First Impressions YOU ONLY HAVE ONCE CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST GOOD IMPRESSION. Your appearance tells others how you feel about yourself, which can define how they treat you. Dress for Success and you will look like YOU BELONG TO THE TOP!!!

3 First Impression Test – Women Who would you hire?

4 First Impression Test – Men Who would you hire?

5 What influenced you? Apparent level of sophistication Color of tie, shoes, dress Well-groomed appearance Conservative appearance Non-verbal signals Apparent level of self-confidence

6 What do your clothes say about you? Convey strong feelings of trust to a prospective employer. A sense of self-confidence, dependability and professionalism. Determines how people you meet will react to you.

7 COLORS THAT WORK FOR AN INTERVIEW Dark to medium range of blues Navy Blue – respected by all socio-economic levels. Gray Camel/Beige Black Dark Brown Burgundy Rust

8 The Suit Guidelines Two-piece matched suit Knee-length skirt for women Fitted pressed pants for men and women Fitted, long-sleeve shirt or blouse Minimal jewelry, perfume/cologne and makeup Dressy leather lace shoes for men, closed-toe pump for women

9 Accessories - Guidelines Shoes – dark colors Belts – classic, match color of shoes Purses – small, dark-color, leather Jewelry – minimal, nothing flashy Scarves and ties – simple print or design

10 Colors to AVOID -Guidelines Women Most pastels, especially pale yellow Bright orange Men and Women Most shades of green Mustard – bad, bad, bad Dark colors make you seem powerful

11 GROOMING - GUIDELINES Hair – clean and neat Details – no missing buttons, lint or tags Hands – clean, manicured fingernails Fit- clean, pressed and proper fit Smell – little or no cologne, no cigarette odor, where deodorant Breath – fresh, clean breath, use mints

12 Do Your Homework -Guidelines Learn the corporate culture before you interview Dress appropriately for the position that you are applying. You convey respect to the person you are meeting. Define your audience – clients, management, colleagues, staff; fit perceived image for the position.

13 Shopping On A Budget End-of-season sales (January – July) Put things on lay-away Garage Sales Resale shops Promotions and Coupon’s Online Basic Wardrobe Needs Black, Navy or Gray suit Contrasting jacket and skirt or pants Two-piece dress (for women) Several white (off-white) blouses or shirts One pair of gold, one pair of silver earrings. (for women) Basic ties that match pants or suits Black or brown shoes Black, brown, navy socks or stockings(women) Black handbag (for women) All weather coat

14 When you are CONFIDENT about your clothing, it will reflect in the way that you carry yourself and lead to your SUCCESS!

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