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DECA Contest time is drawing near…

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1 DECA Contest time is drawing near…

2 And to participate you must be in professional attire.

3 So what should you wear?!? Well, I’ll tell you!

4 What does this mean?!?! Dress Code: DRESSED FOR SUCCESS
In the professional world, it is important to be "Dressed for Success." Missouri DECA believes that professional dress is important to make a strong and positive lasting impression. Therefore, the DECA Board of Directors had adopted a dress code, and at each Missouri DECA conference, our Fashion Team awards "Dressed for Success" pins to those members who exceed our standards. These exemplary students are commended for their professionalism.Dressed for Success Program Overview   Dress Code: Males Suit or sport coat or DECA blazer Tie Collared dress shirt Slacks Dress socks (no sport/athletic socks) Dress shoes (i.e., no athletic shoes) Females Professional dress, business suit (skirt or dress slacks), business skirt/pants and blouse with jacket or DECA blazer Pantyhose/trouser stockings Dress shoes (no flip flops, athletic footwear, etc.) What does this mean?!?!

5 Don’t worry… I will use pictures and examples so you can look “DECA professional” and win your competition!

6 Caution: Do not wear with black pants!
The most “DECA” professional outfit would include the one and only DECA blazer! They are stylish and work for both boys and girls. SEE! Caution: Do not wear with black pants!

7 Professional Attire for Males
Dress Pants Button Down Shirt Tie Dress Socks Blazer Dress Shoes

8 Tips for Men… Wear slacks that are not too baggy Don’t have wrinkles
Wear conservative, clean, polished shoes Wear dark socks (black or navy) Have no visible piercings Have Clean and neat hair

9 This stuff is not professional…

10 Who is more professional…?
Dress Shirt & Tie Sloppy Sweater Rolled Sleeves Too Long Dress Pants Too Casual

11 Professional Attire for Women
Dress Pants Dress Skirt (Appropriate Length) Blouse Panty Hose DECA Blazer or regular blazer Dress Shoes

12 Tips for Women… Always wear panty hose
Skirts are always more professional as long as they are not too short Don’t cake on the makeup No flashy jewelry Have clean fingernails Comb your hair and make sure it is out of your face Brush your teeth Iron Your Clothes

13 NEVER SHOW Bra Straps Cleavage Your Bottom Stomach Your Back

14 This stuff is not professional…

15 Who is more professional…
Messy Hair Neat Hair Tight Blouse Conservative Business Suit Non-Dress Jacket

16 Good Luck At Contest and You Will Look Great!

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