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2 Choosing your wardrobe Shoes. Guidelines for Men Guidelines for Women
Make Up Grooming Guidelines for Men Guidelines for Women Body piercing/Tattoos

3 Important Elements for Dress Code
Choose clothing that fits properly. Buy the most expensive clothing you can afford. Ask yourself, “Is what I’m wearing appropriate?” Know the message you’re sending.

4 Understand Company Culture
Understand that you represent an Image of the company. Understanding the culture helps you decide what kinds of clothes to shop for. Understand that Casual does not mean sloppy. Know you’re company policy.

5 Customer facing rules Don’t wear torn clothing. Understand what business casual means if that is the culture. Protect company image by presenting yourself in a respectful manner. Dry Clean! Nothing is more impressive than a starched shirt.

6 Appropriate Workplace Shoes
Polish your shoes daily. Do not wear ripped shoes. Women should not wear shoes that are too high and closed toes. As much as possible wear neural colored shoes.

7 Inappropriate work shoes
Shoes that are too high heeled are perceived as too sexy. Colorful shoes in the workplace are inappropriate. Brown, Black or navy are considered standard colors. Alligator or snakeskin shoes are inappropriate.

8 Dress and Grooming Guidelines for Men
The tip of the tie should end at the middle of the belt. Shirt sleeve should extend 1/8” to ¼” below the jacket. Socks need to cover calves. No five o’clock shadow.

9 Dress and Grooming Guidelines for Women
Don’t dress too sexy. Wear a slip when appropriate. Do not wear dark stockings with light shoes. Wear a sleeveless blouse only under a jacket.

10 Corporate Dress Code/Tattoos/Body Piercing
Visible tattoos are unprofessional in the workplace. Non dangling earrings on ears only. Nose ring ok if small or for religious purposes. Men should not wear visible jewelry

11 Good Grooming An altoid for your breath goes a long way.
Deodorant is a necessity not optional. An altoid for your breath goes a long way. Soaks cannot be worn twice. Keep finger nails short and well groomed.

12 Good grooming cont… Do not repeat clothing.
Men should shave or trim the beard. Women should not have a moustache. Limit the amount of aftershave.

13 Business Casual Concerns
Understand that casual does not mean sloppy Think about your Schedule when choosing clothing Avoid unprofessional attire When in doubt leave it out

14 Business Casual Concerns cont…
Belts should be leather Buy the best watch you can afford Consider a personal shopper Don’t break the rules out of ignorance

15 Do not use too much makeup.
Long hair on women in the workplace is too girlish, sexy or distracting. If you have to have long hair pull it back or pull it up.

16 Cleanliness is next to godliness!
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