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Dress Code Washington DECA.

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1 Dress Code Washington DECA

2 Casual or Business? It’s so confusing or is it?

3 When appearing before a judge it’s all business.

4 Females – Business Attire Skirts
No! Bodycon skirt No! Yes! pencil skirt 3” above knee Yes! Yes! No leggings! No jeggings! No spandex! No!

5 Females – Business Attire
Okay Ideal Okay

6 Females – Business Attire
Start with a great pair of slacks Add a jacket for a polished professional look – ready to meet any judge.

7 Accessorize Dress is great but add a jacket to avoid the sleeveless look. Dress Heels or Pump or Dressy flats a simple piece of jewelry Finish with a blazer. +

8 Males – Business Attire
Okay Ideal Too casual

9 Males – Business Attire
+ Start with a pair of dress slacks Add a jacket dress shoes belt tie

10 Males – What to wear? Always works Never works

11 Males – Casual Attire Yes! No denim! Yes!

12 Casual – DECA t-shirts, DECA chapter shirts, Polos, chapter sweatshirts work. No jeans!

13 Casual attire – walking shorts are ok.
Males Females

14 If you can’t walk in them don’t wear them.
Miscellaneous No jeans Too short! No spandex! If you can’t walk in them don’t wear them.

15 Female Hair Styles For females - suggest hair off face, pulled back.
For males – short is best, neatly trimmed.

16 Females – helpful hints:
Wearing a jacket conveys credibility Hair neat and professional Jewelry…keep it subtle Jewelry…Rule of 5 (no more than five items) Example: 1 necklace + 2 earrings + 1 watch + 1 ring = 5 Blouse or top – no cleavage Skirt or dress length – somewhere around knee is best Hosiery – nylons are not required but highly recommended. Shoes - mid heel, closed toe is best, no higher than 4”

17 DECA Blazer – the final touch.

18 Dress code for students.
Casual attire Males: Slacks, cords, Knee length walking shorts Sport shirts, DECA T-shirts Sweatshirts *No denim/jeans, overalls, shorts, sweatpants, sweat suits, Lycra or spandex, or head wear Females: Slacks, cords, skirts (no shorter than 3” above knee) Blouses, sports shirts, DECA T-shirts spandex, head wear, spaghetti straps, or halter-top garments Business attire Males: Dress slacks, shirt, belt & shoes Ties recommended Must wear socks Sweaters, sport coats Dress suit DECA Blazer *shirts tucked in with belt Females: Dresses, dress slacks, skirts Blazers/jackets Button up blouse, collared shirt Dress shoes Dress suits/DECA Blazer *nylons are strongly encouraged

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