About SlidePlayer

Sharing a presentation online has always been a huge challenge. We need to make presentations all the time: in school, at the university, for our boss and colleagues, for the investors. Making a presentation is no longer a problem as various software tools are available for that. However, when you need to make your presentation available online for the people with various operating systems and software installed, it is by far not easy.

Well, it was such until we released SlidePlayer.

Our team has always struggled to come up with something really problem solving. Something worth saying “Great thanks!” for. We believe this project is what we’ve been seeking. And what you’ve been searching for a long time if you permanently need to publish your presentation online and share it with someone else.

Ok, we thought, creating a presentation is not a trick now. Sending it to someone by email may be a trick if the presentation is heavy and true problems come up if your recipient doesn’t have the same presentation making software and simply can’t open what you’ve sent them! So we decided to eliminate two problems with one simple solution - SlidePlayer features its own presentation player working right in your browser so that you don’t need to install any additional software and drivers. SlidePlayer converts your presentation and makes it available online.

Isn’t that beautiful?

SlidePlayer is 100% free and serves both those who need to share their presentations with others and those seeking a nice presentation as a basis for their own. The project already features the largest classified directory of presentations in the world and the number is increasing every single second.

Have a nice day and enjoy SlidePlayer!

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