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Kendra Harders, State Secretary Richard Chen, State Parliamentarian

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1 Kendra Harders, State Secretary Richard Chen, State Parliamentarian
Dress to Impress! What does a real pro look like? What is appropriate dress for State Leadership Conference or business interviews? Kendra Harders, State Secretary Richard Chen, State Parliamentarian

2 The Importance of Dress
First impressions are critical Start with a positive impression rather than a negative one Dress is the first thing an employer or your peers see when greeting you Dressing properly gives you the competitive edge Dressing properly provides a positive first impression

3 Grooming Hair: Fingernails: clean and trimmed
Clean, neatly trimmed, well groomed Doesn’t need to be a fashion statement Fingernails: clean and trimmed Perfume/cologne: wear minimal to none

4 Accessories Jewelry: keep to a minimum; no flashy jewelry
No more than one pair or earrings No more than two finger rings One watch or bracelet to avoid looking over-dressed Wear stockings that match the suit you are wearing Absolutely no visible piercing for men

5 Dress Shirts Long sleeved dress shirts make a better impression than short sleeved Conservative colors Solid white or light blue work best No flashy colors

6 Ties Silk ties project the best look Conservative patterns
Stripes, solid The color of the tie needs to complement the color of the shirt

7 Shoes and Belts Dress shoes should be worn for all business occasions
Shoes need to match the color of your pants Cordovan shoes match with all khakis Belt needs to match the color of the shoes Medium quality belt, but it needs to look nice

8 Business Attire Performance Event Attire for Women
Matching suit jacket and knee length (or longer) skirt or pants Conservative colors: navy, black, gray, brown, etc. No open-toed shoes 1 – 1 ½” heels are standard Always wear hose

9 Business Attire Performance Event Attire for Men
Dark-colored suit Charcoal, black, dark brown, or navy Suits should have 2 to 3 front buttons Leave the bottom button unbuttoned Suit should fit Sleeves and pant legs should not be too long or too short Nice collared, long sleeve, buttoned down dress shirt About one inch of the shirt sleeve should show below the jacket sleeve when arms are extended

10 Casual Business SLC Test Taking Attire
Women Dress shirt/blouse Dress slacks, khakis or trousers Non-athletic socks and shoes Knee-length or longer dresses/skirts Suit jacket (optional) Men Long sleeved, buttoned down, and collared dress shirt Ties

11 Casual/SLC Dance Attire
Don’t wear anything you want; trying out the new fashion trend is risky Conservative dress You may wear jeans if you donate to the FBLA Special Fund; otherwise khakis or khaki shorts are acceptable Jeans should not have holes or rips Nice T-shirt or a polo-style shirt Athletic shoes and socks or sandals are appropriate

12 General Tips for Dress Success
Conservative is always the safest route Investigate the employer or group where you are presenting Wear an attire that would allow you to fit in with the group Call the human resources office of the business where you are interviewing and ask about the dress attire

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