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2 Goggles Most important piece of lab equipment)
Protects eyes from broken glass, chemicals and flames.

3 Beaker Measures liquids May be heated Used to hold or mix chemicals
(but not very accurately) May be heated Used to hold or mix chemicals

4 Stirring Rod Glass rod used for stirring BE CAREFUL! They break easily

5 Erlenmeyer Flask Measures liquids May be heated Used for mixing
(but not accurately) May be heated Used for mixing Used in titrations

6 Graduated Cylinder Measures volumes of liquids accurately

7 Test Tube May be heated Mix chemicals
Holding small amounts of chemicals

8 Wire Gauze Spreads out the heat produced by a Bunsen burner

9 Test Tube Holder DUHHHHH It holds a test tube

10 Test Tube Rack Holds test tubes in a vertical position.
Allows for clear sight. Drying rack

11 Ring Stand Multi-purpose, mostly used as a support to heat chemicals and hold burets.

12 Test Tube or Utility Clamp
Clamps to ring stand on one side. The other side holds test tubes, burets and flasks.

13 Ring Clamp One side clamps to ring stand. Place wire gauze on ring and it will hold beakers and flasks for heating. Can hold small beakers in place to prevent spilling.

14 Watch Glass Used as a beaker cover
Can be used to place small amounts of chemicals on (looks like a contact lens)

15 Funnel Holds filter paper for filtering solutions.
Transferring liquids to smaller narrow necked containers.

16 Evaporating Dish Holds small volumes of liquids being evaporated.

17 Mortar and Pestle Used for grinding crystals

18 Plastic Wash Bottle Dispenses water for rinsing equipment

19 Clay Triangle Supports a crucible in a ring stand apparatus.

20 Crucible and Lid Holds small amounts of chemicals for heating at high temperatures.

21 Forceps Used to pick up small items.

22 Crucible Tongs Pick up and hold small hot items like a crucible.

23 Bunsen Burner (& Striker)
Controls release of natural gas for burning. Surgical tubing connects to gas source. Striker with flint is used to ignite the burner

24 Electronic Balance Measures mass in grams

25 Rubber Stopper Covers test tube for mixing

26 Scoopula Used to transfer solids from one container to another


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