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Rodney College New Zealand Coast to Coast. Our college in the heart of Wellsford.

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1 Rodney College New Zealand Coast to Coast

2 Our college in the heart of Wellsford.

3 Our library.

4 Classroom studies.

5 Academic assembly.

6 Our small school is impressive academically. Our NCEA results are significantly above national norms.

7 Play in our bands.

8 Our school has personalised ESOL classes

9 Experience our indigenous culture at the college.

10 Learn The Haka, our countrys war dance.

11 Fashion classes – Wearable art.

12 Hospitality and food technology.

13 The school ball.

14 Many social and drama events

15 The region Whale watching off our coastline.

16 Our peaceful harbours.

17 The beautiful Pacific Ocean minutes from our doorstep.

18 Surfing - Homeward bound.

19 Our long, hot summers.

20 Experience the wide, open spaces on farm home stays.

21 Farm stays are a unique kiwi experience.

22 Home stays at the beach Host family sisters and brothers

23 Our quality home stay families. View from our house at Mangawhai.

24 Swim with the dolphins.

25 Fresh water rivers amidst bush clad scenery.

26 The offshore islands are perfect for sailing

27 Auckland city – Less than 60 minutes away

28 Experience farm life.

29 What can I do? Dressage. Show jumping.

30 Horses for pleasure riding are at many of the home stays

31 Ride our open, sandy beaches.

32 Polocrosse.

33 Hunting with the fox hounds.

34 Experience a rodeo.

35 Bungy jumping.

36 Outdoor education – Join our ski and snow boarding team

37 Outdoor education activities.

38 Kayaking.

39 Boating and fishing.

40 Sailing to wonderful places off our coastline.

41 Make new friends!

42 There are opportunities for extended sailing voyages On the Spirit of Adventure training tall ship

43 There are holiday adventure programs available through reputable agencies. We can also offer excursions to various tourist destinations during term time.

44 Surfing is our way of life.

45 Tramping on our famous walkways.

46 Help paint our school murals.

47 Fun in the pool.

48 Join one of our many sports teams

49 Join in with our teachers in playing games.

50 Play tennis.

51 Cycling in a triathlon.

52 Our field trips.

53 Go on hiking trips in our native forests.

54 Camp out with friends.

55 Our student leadership team.

56 Our Graduation Night

57 Our school: Is one hour from Auckland, nestled between two coastlines. 287-319 Rodney Street, Wellsford Auckland 0900, New Zealand Phone: + 64 9 423 6030 ext 153 Fax: + 64 9 423 7555 Email:, Provides semi rural or beach side, top quality home stays. Has many sports and leisure activities Is a small, caring community. Has strong cultural links with the local indigenous people. Has a vibrant performing arts culture. Is in Wellsford, a village servicing a rural hinterland.

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